The AVID Approach to Finding Exceptional Talent

Every successful AVIDEXEC search consists of four components that can be broadened or narrowed based on your specific needs.

  • Identification
    We do everything possible to understand your company and the type of professional you need to ensure you remain competitive, functional and growing. Based on that understanding, we’ll develop a detailed search plan and quantifiable screening questions.
  • Attraction
    At this point, you’re not the only one that’s passionate about your organization! In addition to attracting potential candidates though direct recruitment efforts, we will take advantage of every possible opportunity to promote your company.
  • Evaluation
    AVIDEXEC completes behavioural based and detailed interviews. We provide in-depth evaluations, assessments, comments, candidate questionnaire responses and presentations to you on leading candidates. You will receive a full package of information that will provide you with the information you require when you enter your interview process.
  • Acquisition
    We’re involved in every step of the resignation process in order to “counter offer-proof” the candidate, ensuring a smooth transition to your company. AVIDEXEC will assist and counsel you in developing and brokering the Letter of Offer, assisting you in acquiring your new leader.