Employment Compensation: How Much Do You Want to Get Paid?

The dreaded question! Here’s a few pointers.

    • Be prepared to disclose your compensation desire. Remember that your Recruiter has informed them of your compensation desire, so be consistent with that number.
    • Never bring up money until the second or third interview. If you are working with a recruiter, they will have this information for you. Ideally you want the hiring manager to introduce the subject of money.
    • Be prepared to disclose the specifics of your current compensation package.
    • Overcome  and get ahead of salary objections. If you are aware that you are current earnings are higher than the jobs salary your potential employer is able to offer, be prepared to demonstrate why you are worth it and how it will give their company a good return on investment.
    • Be creative in getting to where you want to be.  Does your  compensation package need to only meet your salary desires or can you “net out” the same with a better Benefits or RRSP plan, a company vehicle, T2200 (if you work at home), stock offerings, memberships, assuming the cost for further education or designations, etc.
    • Don’t lie or look to money hungry.
    • Do ensure you are not under-valuing yourself, that’s why there is a negotiation during the Offer period.
    • Access your recruiter to help you in this area. They will act as a broker during the hiring process or at the time of Offer.