Resigning and Quitting Your Job

It goes without saying, that resigning and exiting well from your current position speaks to the type of professional you are. Things to remember:

  • Honouring your current employment contract and be aware of any contractual obligations or restrictive covenants. You will find these clauses in your Employment Offer and/or Employment Agreement.
  • Give appropriate notice – don’t leave them hanging.
  • Prepare for the possibility of a counter offer or general questions.
  • If you work in a proprietary driven environment and/or you are going to a competitor, be prepared to be walked to the door upon their accepting your resignation. If this happens, your employer will need to pay you out for your notice period, as per the minimum Employment Labour Standards or as per the details of your Employment Offer.
  • Always resign in person and have a clear messages developed about your departure – this isn’t the time to complain.
  • Always provide a written Letter of Resignation. It doesn’t have to be long or wordy but you do need to resign in writing.
  • Be gracious and courteous.