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AvidExec Philosophy

AVIDEXEC is an exclusive executive search firm that operates as a strategic partner to a diverse set of talent-minded companies who focus on hiring extraordinary professionals who “fit” their current company culture, strongly aligning with their business and planning objectives.  With our help, our partners build succession and depth in their organization, increasing their competitive advantage, bottom-line and sustainability.

“It all comes down to recognizing and hiring the right people –  experience does not  necessarily equal success.   Candidates who possess strong and developed soft skills are assessed at producing and executing at a much higher level than their peers.  Our job at AVID EXEC is  to discern and assess success pattern consistency, ensuring that we are matching high performers with positions and companies requiring their specialized talent, no matter the level of the role.   In doing so, we have created strategic opportunities for our candidates and our clients,   providing them with a higher than expected return on their investment.”  Cindy Nicholls Smith, CPC, MHCS, Founder & Principal, AVID EXEC Ltd.