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AvidExec Philosophy

AVIDEXEC is a bespoke Executive Search and Consulting firm offering talent acquisition,  human resources (HR) & organizational effectiveness (OE) solutions.   All services are customized to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

“It always comes down to your talent pool. Do you have the right people, in the right jobs, moving in the right direction? Building a strong organizational foundation, despite the company size, that promotes an alignment between strategic direction and employee performance, will always create a  winning combination. At AVID EXEC we help companies get there, whether that be by attracting new talent or assisting in “re-pouring” that foundation. The trick is to not over-complicate the process and listen. In the end, it’s  really exciting to see companies and their staff evolve and thrive. ”  C.L. Nicholls Smith, CPC, MHCS, Founder & Principal, AVID EXEC Ltd.