Using Job Placement & Job Recruitment Services

  • What are the differences between  job placement agencies, firms and the services they offer?

Contingency Search: Typically covers off all junior to senior level professional positions.

Retained Search:
Utilized in the placement of Executive level and highly specialized positions.

Contingency & Retained Search
: Like Avid Exec, some firms have the bench strength and skill to provide two  levels of service and consulting.

Specific Industry or Niched Placement Agencies:  Several recruitment or personnel agencies perform job placement within a specific industry or sector, concentrsating their efforts and only working with candidates who fit into their niche.

Temp to Perm’ Placement Agencies:  Several personnel agencies offer candidates the ability to access short to longer term job contract assignments. The best way to access and submit your resume is by applying directly at the Agency’s office. Many times there is an application process and more than not, you will receive a quick interview upon your filling their paper work. As such, its important to be prepared, should that happen,  dressing appropriately and having two pieces of picture identification with you, along with your  SIN card. These placements can have a  very quick turn around and you could have a job the next day, so be ready to work.

  • Why should I use a recruiting firm or agency to help me find a job?
    When you are looking to make a job or career change, it’s important that you utilize all the resources at your avail, including recruiters, placement agencies and executive search firms. Recruiters and search professionals work with companies (the client), uncovering and identifying candidates whose  specific talents match their clients cultural fit along with the position’s competencies and special requirements.
  • What is a headhunter … it sounds dangerous?
    ‘Headhunting’ is a term used when an individual, who is not actively seeking new employment,  is directly contacted by a recruiter  to see if s/he would be interested in exploring a job they have available. These individuals are contacted due to their having specific bench strengths, leadership traits and/or specialized competencies that are considered very valuable.
  • Can I send my resume to a recruiter even when I don’t fit any of their jobs advertisements?
    You can apply directly to most recruitment firms or agencies at any time, even when you don’t fitor like any of their current jobs.  When you send your resume, your information goes into a confidential database, allowing  you to be activated at any time.  Recruiters often access resumes in their databases by using key word searches, so make sure you include:

Job Titles: If you have an obscure job title, you can put a more common job title in brackets behind it. ( IE: Director of First Impressions (Receptionist))

Your Employers & Industry: Beyond naming your employer, it would be smart to also include the industry as well. This increases your chances of being activated by way of a key word search. Recruiters will often use the industry as  one of the key wordsa way of finding candidates in their database. (IE: Burling Owl Ltd (Technical Oil Field Services Industry))

Education, Designations, and Associations: Use full titles with the acronyms in brackets. (IE: P.Eng Designation (Professional Engineering))

Contact information:  You would be surprised how often candidates don’t include their full contact information on their resume. Area codes and locations are also utilized in key word searches, so always include them. Your email address is important too, typically phone numbers can change but emails often stay the same.

  • Can I directly email the Recruiter for a job  I see online?
    Yes, you can email your resume directly to a Recruiter or Search Consultant. However; you may not alwys be contacted due to your not meeting the job requirements.

Pick the Phone Up
Most Search Consultants will return your message if you call them directly. In saying so, make sure you are leaving a message that entices them to call you back. For instance, don’t leave a message saying “Hi, my name is John and I am looking for new job and am hoping that you might be able to help me. …. ”. Rather, state one or two great (not too long winded) accomplishment about yourself in the message you leave. “Hi, I am hoping you may be able to give me some direction. I recently have decided to explore my career options. I’ve been with the same company for 3 years and am directly responsible for increasing their revenues by 50% over the last 18 months. This is John and I look forward to hearing from you. …. ”.

Be Referred or Provide a Referral
Search Consultants always appreciate candidate referrals. Its a great way of  getting noticed by a recruiter and a referral from a trusted source will most likely lead you to a reputable firm and allow you to have a personal introduction.