Employee Commencement – How to Prepare for a New Employee

The prospect of the first day on the job is nerve-wracking. New hires are eager to impress.  If you are not ready for their first day, you run the risk of disengaging your new employee.  Here’s a few points that may assist you in preparing.

New Employee Pre-Commencement Ideas

  • Send out a new employee introduction and bio email to everyone in the office so they’re prepared to welcome the new employee.
  • Have a welcome email(s) from the leadership team on their new email
  • Leave a gift on his/her desk (such as a mug or golf shirt, etc, promoting your company’s brand).
  • Prepare  the new employees designated workspace.
  • Complete any arrangements required for a lunch with his/her new immediate manager and senior leader(s) that will occur in the first few days of employment.
  • Arrange for an office tour and the provision an organization chart of company.
  • Set up their computer and email, ensuring it is networked accordingly.
  • Provide guides and/or schedule training for any necessary software s/he will be using.
  • Set up his/her phone system, providing instructions for using voicemail, etc.
  • Have their business cards ready for their first day
  • Prepare a schedule of activities and appoint designated “host” who will facilitate the first couple of days.